Communication is my passion - through innovative web and digital marketing or futuristic design concepts...While studying for my master's degree in journalism at Regent University, I was introduced to the advanced study of digital media and its applications for both print and broadcast journalism.  At the time, this concept was not broadly applied to all media.  However, I could envision the vast possibilities that change and invention would bring, and I wanted to be a part of that new and advanced media world.  To accomplish my goal, I obtained a second bachelor's degree in computer and information sciences with a concentration in web development from ECPI University.  During my two years there, I gained invaluable experience implementing digital media technologies and practices.


Since May 2014, I have been working as a Media Promotions Manager for Jae Sinnett and J-Nett Music.  I have worked with the musician to plan, develop and promote multiple digital marketing campaigns for his two latest albums Subject to Change (2014) and Zero to 60 (2016), as well as multiple events related to his music career.  I implemented a successful digital marketing strategy resulting in a number one ranking for Zero to 60 on the national JazzWeek Radio Chart for the week of April 4, 2016.


Working for Jae and his record label has given me a foundation to continue my career as a digital media/web design and content marketing specialist.  To learn more about my work, visit the Portfolio and Resume pages on this website.

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